Visiting Us

We are opening the doors again – slowly. We want to keep you and the people we support safe.

Please read the guidelines below…

Before you visit

Please make an appointment by calling 01227 860516 or by sending Rod or Bobbie an email. Please do not just turn up as we might have to ask you to come back at another time.

Please make sure that you do not have any symptoms of COVID-19 such as a continuous cough, fever or loss of sense of taste or smell.

Where to go

All visitors should come to Elizabeth House (even if the person you are visiting lives at Roberta House).

The address is 68, Island Rd, Upstreet, Kent CT3 4DD. We are opposite the only shop in the village.

Please park anywhere on the car park. The gate is at the top of the car park on the left.

What to do when you get here

Please ring the bell. Staff will come to the gate and…

  • Take your temperature. If it is over 37.8˚C you will unfortunately be asked to leave and return another day. Visitors with a fever are not permitted to enter the premises;
  • Record your full name, full address and postcode, date of birth and telephone number;
  • Ask you to carry out a Lateral Flow test. You will be asked to remain in the car park for the requisite 20-30 minutes that the test takes to develop;
  • Once you are in, we will serve you refreshments in the Pool Room at Elizabeth House – it’s a great big greenhouse-type building with plenty of space. You will have the space to yourselves.

  • Whether we let you in or not (sorry!) will depend on the results of the LFD test:
  • We ask that you respect social distancing guidelines at all times while on the premises.
  • We also ask that you limit your visit to a maximum of two hours please.

We are sorry that there are so many hoops to jump through, but we are sure you understand how important it is that everyone in this community remains safe.

Give us a ring on 01227 860516 and speak to your friend or family member and then to Rod or Bobbie to book yourself in.

We are all very excited to see you again!