Artichoak Cottage


Artichoak Cottage is adjacent to Elizabeth House and was opened as an annexe to the main home in the spring of 2017 to provide re-ablement for an additional 6 individuals. It is beautifully appointed, with all rooms having their own en-suite shower and bathroom, some with their own lounge area as well.

The large communal kitchen with 2 separate cooking stations provides enough space for everyone to be supported to be independent with managing their own diet and nutrition. The comfortable and spacious lounge has views over the courtyard and the raised vegetable bed.

The people we support at Artichoak Cottage are practising life skills in readiness for a move back to the wider community with less support in the future.

People are coached and supported to shop and cook for themselves and some are fully responsible for their own medication, healthcare appointments and so on. Before COVID, some people were travelling independently to go shopping, visit their family, contribute to local volunteer schemes. In lieu of that, we have worked on building lockdown coping strategies instead, using new technology to stay in touch with the outside world, catching up on box sets, doing ‘normal life’ stuff and developing life skills such as baking,

Each person is supported to build healthy habits and find fulfilling ways to spend their time in an effort to build resilience for the future.

Artichoak Cottage is the last re-ablement step for people with ARBD before returning to more independent living.

If you would like to find out more about being supported by our team at Artichoak Cottage, please go to our Contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.

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